X20 Laundry Liquid

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100 loads!

All thriller, no filler.  This product is easily one of the most concentrated and natural laundry liquids on the market.


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X20 - Up to 20 times more concentrated than the leading competition All thriller, no filler.  This product is easily one of the most concentrated and natural laundry liquids on the market.  Washed up to 100 HE loads.  Stubborn stains including coffee, tea, chocolate, and dirt dissolve quickly in all water temperatures.  Enjoy a sulfate-free wash for fresher clothes.

  • All water temperatures
  • Scented with plant-based essential oils
  • 94% Natural Ingredients

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Additional information

Weight 0.572 kg
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 22.2 cm
No Animal Ingredients

We believe in cruelty-free production, we do not use any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients in any of our products.

No Phosphates

The Government of Canada limits the use of phosphates in household cleaners and detergents as a means of protecting our environment from harmful algal blooms that result from their release into waterways. Ecologik products do not contain phosphates.

No Ammonia

Ammonia is often used in cleaning products because it evaporates quickly leaving a streak-free shine. Vapours emitted by ammonia as it evaporates can irritate the skin, eyes, throat, and lungs; this is especially true for asthmatics. When ammonia is mixed with chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite), a highly poisonous gas forms. Ecologik products do not contain ammonia.

No Bleach

Repeated exposure to chlorine bleach has been linked to respiratory damage and wheezing as well as nose and eye irritation. Bleach fumes consist of a complex mixture of toxic, carcinogenic and irritating gases. And when mixed with ammonia, it makes a highly poisonous gas. You will not find chlorine bleach in our products!


Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is used in cleaning products as a water softener, by binding with the metals found in water. Unfortunately, it has the ability to persist in the environment and enhance the mobility and bioavailability of heavy metals which can pose a risk to groundwater. It is considered one of the major organic pollutants discharged in waters. None of our products contain EDTA.

Optical Brighteners

Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals added to laundry detergents to make clothing appear whiter and brighter, and therefore cleaner. Some optical brighteners have been linked to developmental and reproductive effects and others are potentially toxic to humans. In addition to this, optical brighteners are not readily biodegradable and may bioaccumulate. We provide a bright, white clean without the use of optical brighteners.

5 reviews for X20 Laundry Liquid

  1. Olga Veldman

    That product amazing. I have several skins allergies. Use all tips of detergent i have itchy skin and bad rush. Now this is my favorite. I Don’t have any allergies reactions 😌
    Thank you for this product

  2. Janet

    I have been using this for over a year. First came across it at Nutter’s in North Battleford where the company was doing a demonstration. Was impressed with the ingredients used and the size of the bottle. Decided to give it a try and loved it. Have since moved to Alberta and they don’t sell it at the Nutter’s here so was happy to find I could order it online. It works great.

  3. Karla

    I also love how this product cleans buuuut I also love the tiny bottle containing 100 loads worth!

  4. Holly

    This laundry liquid is my new go to! The easy to use bottle means no more drips. The smell is amazing, I constantly get asked what I use to wash my clothes with.

  5. Meaghan Mazzei

    I got the unscented liquid laundry detergent. It’s super concentrated so a little goes a long way, and since its unscented and doesn’t have harsh chemicals it is gentle enough to use on all of my baby laundry. It’s also convenient that it is in a pump bottle so I don’t get it all over like I do with my big jug of detergent that drips onto my laundry room floor, you just pump a few pumps directly into the machine and nothing spills and you don’t have to use a measuring cup.

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