why are your products not 100% natural?

Some companies want to keep this secret, we put it on the front of our label. We’re proud of what we do and believe that transparency is the future. All our products are made from naturally-sourced ingredients, derived from nature, with minimal synthetics. The only synthetics within Ecologik products come from essential oil preservatives and two of our surfactants. The surfactants you can see on specific ingredient lists are sodium xylene sulfonate and sodium c 10-16 benzenesulfonate. While these are synthetic, they are very mild, are considered a low hazard, and we use very little. Our scent concentrations are also very small. Because we maximized the amount of natural ingredients in our formulas, we did need to use some preservative to eliminate the decay of quality cleaning agents. All taken into consideration, our natural ingredient percentage always comes so close to 100%! Over time, we will increase our natural %’s to sustain the best natural chemistry the market can supply.


what is the shelf life of your products?

We give a 1-year shelf life for Ecologik products after the bottle is opened.


what about all the claims made on the ecologik packaging?

We have lots to say about how proud we are of our formulations! Please see ‘Our Claims’ page to learn more!


is your packaging green as well?

Yes! The PET bottles that we have chosen use a plastic that can be recycled over and over and does not contain BPA. Even under adverse conditions, the product inside will still be safe, as this plastic is among the best in terms of not leaching out chemicals. Look for the number 1 inside the recycling triangle on the bottom. And don’t forget to recycle!


are your products safe on stone SURFACES?

All of our products are safe to use on properly sealed stone, except for the Bathroom Cleaner. Its acidity may discolour your granite or marble. As always, do a spot test on an inconspicuous spot first.


how can i get the best performance out of my ecologik product?

Our products are formulated to be ultra-concentrated, so less is more! Be sure to follow the directions as to how much to use, as using too much can leave an unwanted residue. We encourage customers to try even less than the prescribed dose! Using less means you get more usage out of a bottle, and subsequently you don’t have to buy as much, saving money and bottles. Most companies want you to use more (eg: by adding fillers) so that you buy more. Here at Ecologik, we want you to use less!


are your products nut-free?

Absolutely. You don’t have to worry about nut allergies here.


are ecologik products tested on animals?

Never! All Ecologik formulations are tested in our lab (no creatures within!) and in real-life settings in our own homes.


are ecologik products safe for use around kids/pets?

Definitely! They do not leave toxic residues or fumes. Please note, that while we use naturally-sourced ingredients, that doesn’t mean that they are always safe to ingest. There are plenty of dangerous plants out there! If your child or pet swallows some of our product, give them water to dilute it, and call a doctor/vet. And if it gets in someone’s eyes, rinse with plenty of water. 



why do some of your products’ sdss show that the product may cause cancer?

A few of the Ecologik products use ethanol as a solvent. Ethanol is the kind of alcohol that we enjoy drinking, but we all know that if consumed in vast quantities we may get liver cancer. We use ethanol in our products because it is effective, but the quantities that we use are very small and you won’t be drinking it at your parties, so you don’t have to worry.


why do some of your labels and their corresponding sdss have different caution ratings?

Our labels are produced in accordance with the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, 2001 (CCCR), regulated by the Canadian federal government. Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) follow the Global Harmonized System (GHS), created by a global governing body. These two systems, being created and administered by different organizations, employ different formulas for calculating the same product characteristics (eg: toxicity, corrosiveness, etc.). The result is that we are telling two different versions of the same truth – that we are doing our best to give you safe green and natural products that work great! All the while ensuring that we are following the applicable regulations.


are your products also available at other online and brick and mortar retailers?

Yes – we are very proud of the ecosystem of retailers that we have! Check out ‘Our Retailers’ page to find a local retailer nearest to you!


where are ecologik products manufactured?

We are proudly located in the heart of prairie country, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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