We are proud to be moving into the next step of our commitment to all of you, and the environment. A lot of thought went into our eco-points initiative with you the customer as the focus. We have listened to your suggestions, and with you in mind, we are launching our eco-points and subscription programs. We are proving that simple and savings, can go hand in hand with better science to provide a better quality of life now, and in the future.

So what are eco-points?

Eco-points are points earned by loyal customers who order through our website. These points are redeemable as cash value.

100 eco-points = $1.00 redeemable value on all selected products.

How do you earn eco-points?

All you have to do is sign up and order from our website. Earned eco-points will be automatically added to your profile every time you buy something on our website, and can be redeemed at the checkout. It’s that easy.

But you asked for more…


…and we listened.

We have had quite an increase in demand for our health conscious products and some customers are having trouble finding them when, and where they need them. 

For everyone who can’t find our product on the shelves at their favourite market because it has sold out, or lives in a remote location, Ecologik has taken your concerns as inspiration. 

Everyone matters to us, and you asked us to help you get healthy products for your family when you need them. 

Ecologik now offers subscription, available online, shipped right to your door. Join us and never have to re-order. Just set it up once and we do the rest. The chosen products you love will automatically show up at your doorstep so you always have them when you need them.

And as an added thank you to our loyal customers, we have linked our bonus eco-points to our subscription program for you.

We hope this helps, and please let us know what we can do to help you stay happy, clean, and healthy in these uncertain times.

Bonus Eco-Points

There is a certain someone working at Ecologik who has put an amazing program together providing something for everybody in this initiative.

Here is an example of eco-points on a subscription:

Sign up yearly (3500 = $35)

Sign up monthly (1500 = $15)  

Review a product on our website (200 = $2)** 

Refer a friend that purchases (500 = $5)**  

For every 10 dollars spent (100 = $1) 

That’s up to (8930 = $89.30) on the first sign up.  

Refer 4 more friends who purchases and get another (2’000 = $20)

And don’t forget to return your bottles for (100 = $1) each. 

**subject to verification by rules and guidelines set by ecologikworld


The goal of the program is that by saving you money and helping people make better choices for themselves and the environment, we can create impactful change in the ways we use, and view cleaning products.

Bonus eco-point actions help us keep bottles out of landfills, and replace harmful products in households, schools, social facilities, and businesses. These actions keep toxic chemicals out of the environment and limit our exposure to disease-causing chemicals.

So how can this make a major impact on our communities?

Stats Canada says there are 12.4 million households in Canada.

If every household uses an average of 10 cleaning product bottles a year, and they all switched to ecologik and returned the bottles for eco points:

We would keep 124 million bottles out of landfills each year and payout 12.4 Billion eco-points.

Ecologik wants to shift the little things we do to make huge impacts on our health, and our environment. We are inviting everybody to join the ecologik family and help us make big changes for our futures.

How many liters of toxic chemicals can we keep out of our communities? How much carbon footprint can we limit? How many potential diseases and adverse health effects can be limited or prevented? That amount is dependant on us and the choices we make.

We invite all of you to join the Ecologik family and stand with us to help make our world a better place. Subscribe for eco-points today.