X5 Dishwashing Detergent

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Effective performance against baked on grease is a must in every kitchen. Formulated with enzymes to break down organics on your dishes and in your dishwasher, the formula includes a built-in water softener! Septic tank friendly.


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X5 - Up to 5 times more concentrated than the leading competition

With dual action enzyme-based dish detergent, clean your dishes and your machine at the same time.  Perfect for septic tanks and drains.  Built-in water softener.  1 small scoop does an entire load.

  • Hard water friendly
  • Enzymatic Formula
  • 97% Natural Ingredients

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Additional information

Weight 0.491 kg
Dimensions 9.1 × 9.1 × 10.1 cm
No Animal Ingredients

We believe in cruelty-free production, we do not use any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients in any of our products.

No Chlorine

Repeated exposure to chlorine bleach has been linked to respiratory damage and wheezing as well as nose and eye irritation. Bleach fumes consist of a complex mixture of toxic, carcinogenic and irritating gases. And when mixed with ammonia, it makes a highly poisonous gas. You will not find chlorine bleach in our products.

No Phosphates

With an increasing amount of people being diagnosed with celiac disease, and those limiting their exposure to gluten, we have made her entire line gluten-free. Although this claim applies to all our products it only appears on products that may come in contact with food surfaces.

5 reviews for X5 Dishwashing Detergent

  1. Janice Stennick

    I love how clean my dishes are coming out of the dishwasher. There is no residue left on the dishes, and the container lasts for a very long time.

    • Md Islam

      Hi Janice,

      Thank you so much for using and loving our products. take care.

  2. VQ

    Works just as well, if not better than the big brands and has no smell. I was tired of my dishes smelling like perfume and my food tasting of the same scent. This product has been a wonderful find!

    • Md Islam

      Hi VQ,

      Thank you so much for using our products, we believe that customers satisfaction is first, that why we are made plan based , eco friendly without chemicals truly bio products. thanks again for support us, take care.

  3. Jolanta Friedman

    Spotlessly, cleans my dishes and the interior of my dishwasher, all food particles are ecologically dissolved not trapped in the base of filter and causing bad odors.

  4. Danielle

    I was tired of chemicals on my dishes, so I started trying to make my own detergent. It never worked. I am so happy to find this product, which smells great, cleans the dishes well and also keeps my dishwasher clean!! I am making a repeat order today!

  5. Karla

    No chemical residue left on my dishes and it cleans just as well as the other brands!

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(5 customer reviews)