X3 Fabric Softener



This uniquely formulated fabric softener softens clothes and removes wrinkles using a plant-based fabric softening agent instead of animal tallow.


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X3 - This uniquely formulated fabric softener softens clothes and removes wrinkles using a plant-based fabric softening agent instead of animal tallow.
  • Helps reduce wrinkles
  • Help reduce static cling
  • 99.9% Natural Ingredients
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Additional information

Weight 0.546 kg
Dimensions 6.2 × 6.2 × 22.2 cm

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is used in cleaning products as a water softener, by binding with the metals found in water. Unfortunately, it has the ability to persist in the environment and enhance the mobility and bioavailability of heavy metals which can pose a risk to groundwater. It is considered one of the major organic pollutants discharged in waters. None of our products contain EDTA.

No Ammonia

Ammonia is often used in cleaning products because it evaporates quickly leaving a streak-free shine. Vapours emitted by ammonia as it evaporates can irritate the skin, eyes, throat, and lungs; this is especially true for asthmatics. When ammonia is mixed with chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite), a highly poisonous gas forms. Ecologik products do not contain ammonia.

No Limonene

A known skin irritant and sensitizer, limonene is also classified as very toxic to aquatic life.

No Chloroform

Known to be cancer-causing, chloroform can also cause nervous system effects such as dizziness, nausea and headaches.

No Benzyl Alcohol

A common ingredient in household cleaners, benzyl alcohol is toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects, is harmful if swallowed and is a known skin allergen.

Harsh Fumes

It is well known that cleaning product fumes can trigger asthma attacks in persons previously diagnosed with asthma. In addition to that, there is evidence that frequent use of many ordinary cleaning supplies at home or on the job is linked with the development of asthma and other respiratory problems in otherwise healthy individuals. Ingredients considered respiratory sensitizers (substances that will lead to hypersensitivity of the airways following inhalation of the substance) are either not present or present at less than 0.1% of the mixture (adapted from the WHMIS 2015/GHS determination of sensitizers). This means our product is relatively unlikely to cause a respiratory reaction. We cannot say with certainty that our products will not cause any reaction or irritation in any person. A small percentage of individuals may have still have a reaction or experience irritation after exposure to certain ingredients or products. Especially sensitive people should consult with their doctor to choose products that are best for them.

No Animal Ingredients

We believe in cruelty-free production, we do not use any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients in any of our products.


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